"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks."

~John Muir


There are many hiking trails near Seldovia.  There are trails for all levels of ability.  Some of the well known trails around the area are: Otterbahn, Rocky Ridge, Reservoir trail, TV Tower, Tutka Bay Lagoon, Red Mountain, and Graduation Peak.  Pick up a map at our store or at the Seldovia Native Association office. They also have the land access permits for hiking and berry picking.

Otterbahn Trail to Outside Beach

Rocky Ridge Trail

Red Mountain Trail

Reservoir Trail



Katchemak Bay is known for some of the best halibut fishing in all of Alaska.  People also fish for different kinds of salmon and rock fish as well. Some find success in catching King salmon right in town at the bridge over the slough. Others go out on a charter and look for the halibut, rock fish, salmon, or cod.  Seldovia Fishing Adventures and AK Halibut Charters are just two of the local companies to contact.

 Prize king salmon.

Nice halibut!

Fishing with Dad.


Berry Picking

Seldovia has some of the best berry picking I've seen, and I've picked berries in a lot of places.  The first berry to ripen is the salmon berry. This usually ripens mid July. The next berry to be picked is the blueberry. These usually ripen mid august.  People have their secret blueberry picking spot.  If you get to know the locals, they might even tell you one of their favorite spots. The last one is the raspberries. They are usually ready to pick mid to the end of August. They are quite abundant right in town.  You can't go wrong with the berries here. If you need help with recipes, containers for picking, or wondering how to process them, just ask us at The Seldovia Harbor Inn.  

Beautiful blueberries

Seldovia Salmonberries

Razledazle Raspberries



Seldovia is a really fun place to kayak, even if you are fairly new to this activity.  The water in the bay is usually pretty calm and there are plenty of places to explore.  If you are feeling more adventurous, go further out to Schooner Beach or even all the way to the head of the bay.  There a a couple of places that rent kayaks for an hour or for the day.  Contact Mako's Water Taxi or Kayak'atak (907) 234-7425 for more information. And don't be surprised to have otters swim right next to you or Eagles soaring above you.


Tide pooling and Beach Combing

There are several beautiful beaches around Seldovia,  Outside Beach, Inside Beach,  Sandy Beach, Jakolof Bay, and The MacDonald spit. At low/minus tides a treasure of sea creatures can be found. Just walking along these beaches and looking for shells, sea glass, driftwood, or other items of interest can keep you busy and your pockets full. While out there be on the lookout for Eagles, and black bears as well and keep your camera close by.

Blood Red Sea Star at Inside Beach

Anemone at Inside Beach

Bald Eagle at The MacDonald Spit