We are small Inn and Bakery/Coffee Shop in the heart of Seldovia.

Located on the harbor, the unique Seldovia Harbor Inn offers two private and luxuriously appointed guest suites. One suite features breathtaking views of the Seldovia harbor and the suite offers scenic views of the mountains and downtown Seldovia.

Our bakery/coffee shop makes homemade food everyday (made from locally sourced ingredients) and we serve amazing coffee drinks and treats like scones, sticky buns, pie, cupcakes, and more.

Come visit and stay with us!

Melissa & Steve

    When Steve and Melissa are not working in the cafe, they enjoy hiking, running, biking, doing glass art and traveling.

    Melissa Peterson

    Owner and Head Baker

      Melissa worked as a dental hygienist for 30 years till she decided to pursue her passion for baking. She loves to see people delighted by the things they eat at the cafe. She puts her heart and soul into everything thing she makes and strives to make sure every batch of scones, bread, sticky buns, etc. comes out perfectly every time. She likes to think of her baking as "love made edible."

      Steve Bainbridge

      Co-Owner and Head Barista

        Steve retired from a job with DEC. He has an engineering degree and a master's degree in business administration.

        Steve is in charge of the business end of their cafe and Inn. He handles paying the bills, ordering supplies, & taking reservations. But what he enjoys most is working in the cafe with Melissa.

        Not only is Steve meticulous with numbers but also with making the perfect cup of coffee for the customer. He says "its all about the people." He enjoys talking with the locals and meeting new people who are visiting Seldovia for the first time.

        Amelia Reese

        Cafe attendant and housekeeper

          Amelia moved to Seldovia about 2 years ago at the beginning of her high school journey. She is now entering her junior year.  This will be her 2nd season working with Steve and Melissa at the Harbor Inn.  She is super excited to start the 2019 season.  When she is not working,  Amelia enjoys painting, running , and riding her 4-wheeler.

          Grace Cushman

          Cafe attendant and housekeeper

            Grace moved to Seldovia last October, at the beginning of her senior year of high school.  This is her first year working for Melissa and Steve. She is excited to be working here and making great memories in Seldovia this summer.  When Grace is not working she enjoys running, skiing , and photography.

            Kris McKerney

            Assistant Baker

              Kris and her husband decided to move to their summer cabin just outside of Seldovia last year.  She previously worked as a dental assistant for 32 years and is now retired from that.  Kris met Melissa back in 1994 when working at the same dental practice.  They were out of touch for about ten years after moving to different parts of the world but reunited when they discovered that they both had moved to Seldovia last summer. Kris says retirement is nice but needs some engagement outside of the homestead.  She spent a number of years cooking and baking at lodges and hunting and fishing camps. She enjoys baking the most.  When she is not working, she enjoys gardening, biking, kayaking and doing stained glass.

              Megan Long

              Assistant Baker

                Megan is originally from Oregon but has moved to Seldovia for the summer.  She comes with a wealth of experience working in cafes and lodges helping with baking, being a barista, kayaking guiding, yoga instruction, and gardening.  Megan is the kind of gal who can jump in wherever needed but is mainly in charge of the early morning baking 3 days a week. Megan loves to travel and enjoys the beautiful outdoors.